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FAQ - Forum/FC

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FAQ - Forum/FC  Empty FAQ - Forum/FC

Post by Fonzie on Sat Feb 08, 2014 4:44 am

No doubt we will have a lot of commonly asked questions.
In this Topic I'll try to cover most of them. As we get more questions that become commonly asked, we will post them here.

Thank you Smile


Q) How do I gain a rank in the Nex and Ss FC?
A) You will need to PC a total of 5hours in the monthly cycle and keep this up to further rank up.

Q) Why aren't lobbiers allowed in the FC?
A) Lobbiers are not allowed because they cannot help the FC with updates/reports, however Star-Ranks are the only exception as they can remove people.

Q) What was this Forum created for?
A) The Forum was originally created for Ranks to post information and keep others up-to-date on spammers/manips/kos-list people. But now we're providing guests/Non-ranks with a way to post concerns/questions - Suggestions/improvements both to the Forum and FC

Q) How can I be a member of this Forum?
A) Once you Acquire a rank in the FC you can apply to have full access to the forum topics/threads.

Q) Will Guests have more access to the forums at all?
A) At present time, no. In the future we may open up/create more sections for you to use.
If you have suggestions on what topics/threads you think would be a good addition for guests, please use the suggestion/improvement thread.

Q) If I have an issue with the FC or someone in the FC where can I post?
A) You can post on the Nex and SS FC/CC thread on the Runescape Forums OR contact a rank and go from there.

Q) Are we allowed to Off-Topic in the FC, how come you can sometimes and not other times?
A) If there is a PCer then you may keep it to a minimal. It is at the PCers choice however.
If off-topic is going on, pcer or not yet you are warned for off-topic, feel free to post on the forums or contact a rank about this. If the off-topic continues after the warning by others that were doing it beforehand, do contact a rank.

Q) Help! I don't know why I was kicked?
A) If you were removed from the FC please ask on the Nex and SS Fc/Cc thread as to why, Pm a rank OR use the Nex and ss clan chat to ask.

Q) Do Ranks get Paid for Pcing?

A) NO. Ranks do not get paid for pcing. We do hold competitions for some friendly competitiveness which is open to everyone however.

Q) How come I lost my rank?
A) You can lose your rank by either, not meeting the PC requirement (4hours to keep rank, 5hours for the possibility of ranking up). However if you get Pced then you may of Broke the rules constantly OR Pced incorrectly.
other reasons can be - Spamming/Maniping/Trolling others OR not following the Rules of the FC/Game.

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FAQ - Forum/FC  Empty Re: FAQ - Forum/FC

Post by NomNom Wayne on Sat Feb 08, 2014 6:50 am

For a full list of the forum FAQ, please refer to the FAQ on the menu bar, alternatively clicking on the link below.

NomNom Wayne

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